Polycarbonate Hollow Sheets

PC Lite is the brand name for MG Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets. PC Lite is designed to resist impact and are far better than conventional glass and other acrylic material. PC Lite is a light, strong, insulating and attractive sheet for use as roofing, cladding, glazing and other applications in construction, advertising, agriculture, industry and DIY. Read More

Polycarbonate Solid Sheets

Are you looking for high quality polycarbonate solid sheet? If yes then we have the right product that you need. We are a leading manufacturer of polycarbonate solid sheets made of fine and high grade material. Such sheets are designed to offer maximum levels of glazing performance anywhere where transparency or light transmission with high impact strength is required. Read More

Extruded Acrylic Sheets

MG Acryl flat extruded acrylic sheet offers light transmission that surpasses glass, but at only half the weight of glass. Inherently UV resistant, MG Acryl is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our sheets have higher capability of strength to weight ration and are unaffected by moisture and chemicals. They also offer high light transmittance and are better replacement of glass as they are sturdy and stronger. They can be heat-formed without loss of optical clarity and can be cut, routed, polished, bent and formed. Read More

PS Sheets

The PS Sheet offers solutions for many indoor applications. As a result of the extrusion process PS Sheet can offer, apart from the clear, the anti-reflex and the standard opal white versions, a variety of colours and designs, and it is much stronger than glass, which makes them an ideal choice for multitude of applications. Read More

PS - Acrylic Mirror Sheets

Primarily intended for areas such as interior fittings, garden, display, point-of-sale, visual merchandising and store design, PS/Acrylic mirror sheets are half the weight of glass. Our wide range of such mirror sheets is of the highest commercial quality available and that offers strength more than 17 times greater than glass. They are manufactured with toughest protective back-coating to protect the mirror from scratches. Read More

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Polystyrene Embossed Sheets
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Welcome to MG Polyplast

We are a leading manufacturer of PS Sheet, Polycarbonate Sheets and Acrylic Sheets in India. Established in 2010, our company has introduced the most advanced extrusion production lines of world class quality. Currently we posses maximum number of sheet production lines in India and we are all set to cross Rs. 1000 million turnover by this year.

The wide range of our products include Polystyrene Sheet, Polystyrene Embossed Sheets, Polycarbonate Compact Sheets & Rolls, Polycarbonate Embossed Rolls and Sheets, Polycarbonate Hollow/Multiwall sheets, Extruded Acrylic Sheets and PS/Acrylic Mirror Sheets.

Polycarbonate Embossed Sheets

Polycarbonate Compact Sheets

Polycarbonate Hollow/Multiwall Sheets

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