Polycarbonate Aerosol Boxes

MgAcryl Aerosol Boxes add another level of protection for doctors intubating patients with the Coronavirus. The risk of transmittance can be high when intubating, and this protective cover reduces the risk of spreading the virus to other individuals in the room. It can also keep the supplies and equipment near the patient more sanitary.

The Intubation Shield Box provides optimal protection for providers while they intubate patients. Helping to create an added layer of PPE, the box helps to limit the spread of harmful aerosolized airborne contaminants and is an essential addition to any OR or ICU. Rugged, easy-to-disinfect polycarbonate and 5” arm holes designed to fit most arms make the Intubation Shield Box the superior option to similar, less-durable alternatives in the market.


  • 20"W x 15.75"W x 20"H
  • Use during intubation to separate the provider from the patient and create an added layer of PPE
  • Useful in the OR and ICU for ventilated patients
  • Helps to limit the spread of harmful aerosolized airborne contaminants between patients and care providers
  • 5” armholes allow for ample maneuvering for providers of most sizes
  • Sturdy, rugged polycarbonate is more durable than similar alternatives


  • OR
  • Intensive Care Units in Hospitals and Nursing Homes
  • Quarantine Centres
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