Polycarbonate Sneeze Guards

MG Polyplast is the largest plastic extrusion sheet manufacturer in Asia with over 10 years of expertise and technical knowledge. MG Acryl and PCLite Protective Barriers for the Workplace, hotels, offices, restaurants, retail businesses and public buildings. These protective barriers offer protection from the direct spread of airborne droplets containing COVID 19 coronavirus and other viruses and bacteria.

These MG Acryl and PCLite barriers are being rapidly installed at workplaces and public facilities to protect employees and customers. These protective shields can be attached to existing office and restaurant furniture including; desks, cubicles, booths, counters, cabinetry & existing dividers without making any changes or alterations to existing setup.


A) Standard Sizes

  1. 24” W x 36” H
  2. 30” W x 36” H
  3. 30” W x 40” H
  4. 36” W x 40” H

*Sizes can be tailor made or customised as per requirement

B) Thickness

4mm / 5mm / 6mm

C) Components

Shield – 1, Legs – 2 or more depending upon size of the parition.

D) Light Transmission - 93%

E) Clarity – upto 95%

F) Strength – High Impact (Polycarbonate Sheets are virually unbreakable)

G) Colours -   Transparent (extra clarity), Tinted, Frosted, Translucent

(Colours are also available as per your needs based on order quantity.)


  • Transportation – Bus Driver, Cabs, Trains, Taxi
  • Retail Checkout Counters-  Grocery Stores, Departmental Stores, Shopping Complexes
  • Public Domains – Airports, Banks, Train Stations, Metros, Government Offices, Post Offices, Police Stations
  • Industrial / Corporate Offices – Factories, Labour intensive manufacturing units, MNCs, Corporate Towers, BPOs and Call Centers
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