Extruded Acrylic Sheets ( PMMA )

MG Acryal  Acrylic sheet is a tough, highly transparent material with excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation and weathering. It can be coloured, moulded, cut, drilled, and formed. These properties make it ideal for many applications including airplane windshields, skylights, automobile taillights, and outdoor signs. Also has excellent scratch resistance and is able to be processed to a very high gloss finish its use in many different applications where lasting beautiful appearances are important, such as on furniture or kitchen or bath walls or cabinet facades.


Standard Colors – Clear, Green, Blue, Smoke, Opal White, Milky White and Diffuser Translucent colors etc
Standard Thickness – 1 –12 mm
Standard Size Width –1220-2100 mm
Standard  Length  – 1830 mm ,2440 mm.

Note: - we can produce customize colors & sizes


Non-food Packaging,

Household item and toys.

Electrical goods and consumer electronics.

Painting, poster and photo frames etc.

Displays Showcase, ceiling lights and advertising boards.

Bathroom household decoration and decorative partitions.

Florescent lamp plate and Light diffusers.

Architecture & Construction,

Automotive & Transportation,



Visual Communications,

Furniture & Design


Technical Data Files are provided below-

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