Polycarbonate U Lock

 U Lcck Polycarbonate profile is designed to seal the edge of the polycarbonate sheets. Applied after the solid/vented aluminum tape it close the edge to prevent dust, water and bug get access to the hollow space. It also provide a a clear finish to the edge of the sheet. It can be easily cutted

The profile can be easily cutted

In order to prevent dust and dirt penetrating inside the ribs, the exposed top and bottom ends (the width side of a sheet) must always be sealed first with the solid aluminum tape on the top and vent tape at the bottom.


Standard Colors – Clear, Bronze, Green & Blue
Standard Thickness – 4/6 ,8/10.
Standard Weight (g/m) – 50, 60.


1) Light weight

2) Keep consistent with the PC sheet in physical performance

3) Good waterproof performance

4) Good weather resistance and UV protection

5) Simply installed

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