PC Lite Hollow/Multiwall Sheets

Roof with Natural light

Insulation against heat and cold, and temperature resistance between -40°C and +130°C, are the two most important characteristic of these sheets. In addition, they have excellent light transmission up to 88 %  and UV protection, PC Lite  polycarbonate sheets are widely apply to many products in roofing of railway stations, green house, foot over-bridges, walkways, swimming pool, malls, and airports etc. Cladding and glazing are other areas where these sheets are being widely used.

Note: - we can produce customize colors & sizes



  • PC Lite Hollow/Multiwall Sheets

Standard Colors – Clear, Lake Blue, Green, Bronze, Opal, Metallic Grey, Orange & Blue.
Standard Thickness – 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm
Standard Size Width – 1220-2100 mm
Standard Size (Length) – 5900  - 11800 mm

  • PC Lite Honeycomb Polycarbonate

Note: - we can produce customize colors & sizes




  • Industrial glazing,
  • Sky lighting and acoustic barrier.
  • Natural lighting for operational areas in airport, Ports, railways and bus shelters.
  • Green houses, stadiums roof glazing etc.
  • Digital advertising screens and glow sign boards.

Technical Data

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