Polycarbonate Prism Sheets

Because of exceptionally high impact strength and light weight, PC Lite Prism Sheets  can easily withstand cold bend process and hot molding, virtually unbreakable, they are UV resistant, self-extinguishable and light transmitting, these rolls and sheets come with embossed patterns.

MG use polycarbonate resin imported from world famous brands like GE SABIC & BAYER to insure the quality of our products.

Available in various colors these sheets carry a 10 years limited warranty


Standard Colors – Clear, Green, Blue, Lake Blue &  Bronze
Standard Thickness – 1.2 - 4 mm
Standard Size Width – 610, 915,1220, 1525,1830 and 2135  mm
Standard Length (Sheets) – 2440 mm and  30500 mm Roll

Note: - we can produce customize colors & sizes


  • Industrial glazing,
  • Sky lighting and acoustic barrier.
  • Natural lighting for operational areas in airport, Ports, railways and bus shelters.
  • Green houses, stadiums roof glazing etc.
  • Digital advertising screens and glow sign boards.
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