About Us

Premier Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturer

Established in 2010, MG Polyplast Industries Pvt Ltd was earlier named MGI Glass Pvt Ltd. It is today a leading manufacturer of Polycarbonate Sheets, Polystyrene Sheets, and Polypropylene Rolls in India. Located in Neemrana, Rajasthan, the company has its corporate office in New Delhi.

The plant in Neemrana covers 345,000 square feet of land and is responsible for manufacturing various products. We only use a virgin grade of raw material procured from various reputed companies overseas. Initially started with just one production line, currently, the company possesses 10 advanced sheet extrusion production lines, 2 thermoforming lines, one metalizing Plant, one Reprocess Plant, and more than 150 employees working.

MG Polyplast is the largest Polystyrene Sheets manufacturer in India with an annual production capacity of 11,000 MT. Polystyrene Sheets are mostly used in Door/Window Panels, Displays, Sign Boards, etc. We also manufacture PS Embossed sheets which are used in Bathroom Partitions, Shower Panels, etc. Our Sheets come in various Brands like MG, Euro Plast & Plastech, etc.


Our Polycarbonate Sheets come with the brand names PC Lite and Euro Lite and are produced & controlled by a strict quality system and lab inspections. Starting from the roofing of bridges to shopping malls, bus stops to swimming pools, greenhouses to noise barriers, advertising to light ceilings, our PC Solid & PC Hollow Sheets are widely used in various applications. We even have online and offline Polycarbonate corrugation machines. We also manufacture Polycarbonate accessories like H lock & U lock and Ventilator base plates.

We manufacture Extruded Acrylic Sheets which come in the brand name MG Acryl. The extruded acrylic sheet offers light transmission that surpasses glass but at only half the weight of glass. Inherently UV resistant, MG Acryl is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its high clarity and formability offer designers a world of options, from small fabricated items and displays, to signs, railings, and more.

One of our products also includes Polypropylene Rolls under the brand name Polylite. We offer a wide range of PP UV-coated roofing sheets in fabric and textured design.

Customers / Exporting Country:

MG Polyplast a leading manufacturer of Polycarbonate Sheets has a history of delivering the commitment to various domains of customers that include Dealers/Distributor, Roofing Industries, PEB Manufacturers, Advertisement Industries, Machine Manufacturers, Thermoforming Industries, etc. We have a vast customer base in India, and we are also exporting to Asian Region, Middle East, African region, South America & North America, Gulf & European Countries.

Certification & Accreditations:

Our company is certified with ISO 9001:2015 standards and follows IS 14443 standards for quality assurance. In addition, it has been certified by third-party agencies like KVQA.


Our Mission

To exceed our customer’s expectation in quality, delivery and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction.

Our Values

At MG, everything revolves around these three principle values which are Passion for Excellence, Integrity & Commitment.



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